Since the European Election 2014 took place in May this year there were some slight changes in European politics. Especially the Green parties in Europe suffer under bad numbers in surveys, while the European Left is profiting from bad social conditions, especially in France and Southern European countries. Here are the current results of the eurometer.

The christdemocratic EPP would get 28.5 per cent of the 751 European seats in EU-parliament in Strasbourg and Brussels. At the election EPP got 29.4 per cent. So the christdemocrats lost nearly one percent within two months throughout Europe. Especially the Polish government-parties PSL and PO (both EPP) are suffering, due to tape-gate.

The Socialists of S&D reached 25.4 per cent in the last election in May. Today they would get 26.2 per cent. So they gained nearly one percent. Mainreason for this slide rise is a better performing Labour-party (as part of S&D) in the polls for the United Kingdom.

Liberals ALDE and Conservatives ECR are fighting about the third position in Europe: Although ALDE rises from 8.9 to 9.9 per cent since May throughout Europe, they can not leave the Conservatives behind. They rise from 9.3 to the same level of 9.9 per cent. The Conservatives are pushed by strong results in Poland (PiS) where the main opposition party as part of the European Conservatives profits from the tape-gate of Polish EPP-government. In some European constituencies of Poland like Subcarpathian the party is at 57 per cent now.  In summery European conservatives are on their highest level in European polls since 1984.

In the countries of the EU that have not yet adopted the common currency, eurosceptic ECR would get 23 per cent of the votes.
#EP2019 August

In May the European Left got their best results ever within a European election: 6.9 per cent of 751 European Parliament seats. Even now the party is booming in polls of different European countries: PdG in France, Podemos in Spain, and other European Left-parties rise in polls, so that the Left gets 8.0 per cent all over Europe. In the eurozone the party even rises up to 11.0 per cent on the third position behind EPP and S&D, in the countries that joined the EU in 1986 and 1981 the party reaches 22 per cent of the vote. The Left are the beneficiaries of the high unemployment in Southern European countries.

One can not be sure if this rise will continue due to better numbers in unemployment statistics. If France’ economic will also get into a deeper crises the European Left might be the main beneficiary.

One man’s meat is another man’s poisen: The European Greens are suffering a lot these days in Europe due to weak polls, especially in their former stronghold France: Reaching 6.7 per cent in the election in May, now the party declines to 5.3 per cent in polls on European level.

The Populists of EFDD are traditionally strong in the time of European elections. Also this time they got 6.4 per cent of the European votes. After the election there was a rapid decline in the polls, especially in the United Kingdom for the UKIP party as part of EFDD. Now EFDD is at 4.9 throughout Europe.

Details: eurometer


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