European Presidential Vote / March 2014

European Presidential Vote / March 2014

twittprognosis was asking 137,528 people all over Europe about their favorite EU-presidential candidate from the March 1 to April 1.
After the favorite candidate Mario Monti (Independent) dropped out of the presidential race in March and endorsed Guy Verhofstadt (Liberals-ALDE), Martin Schulz (Socialist-PES) is now in the leading position. He reaches 38.0 per cent. He gets 16.3 per cent more than in the last month.
The green candidate Ska Keller (EGP) from Germany reaches the second position with 15.7 per cent (+1.2). The online-primary was quite successful in mobilizing the Green sympathisants.
Just a few votes behind Keller Alexis Tsipras (Left-EL) gets 15.5 per cent, mainly from the southern countries in Europe and France. He profits from the Monti-drop-out by 6.2 per cent gain.
The centre-right candidate Jean-Claude Juncker scores at 13.3 per cent, which is an improve of 6.2 per cent compared to March.
Verhofstadt (Liberals-ALDE) was endorsed by former favorite candidate Monti, but he is still suffering poor results. He gets 6.9 per cent (+2.9) in the March 2014 poll.
The far-right candidate Niki Tzavelda scores poorly at 2.0 per cent (+0.6). The far-right in Europe is gaining ground, like the local election results of the far-right in France shows, but they are not united enough to support one candidate effectively.
Furthermore a new contestant was written into the option “others”. It is Amelia Andersdotter, who is the contestent for the informal Pirate Party in the EU PPEU. She gathers 3.1 per cent (+3.1) just days after her nommination.
Other candidates who reach all together 5.5 per cent (-36.4) get less than one per cent of all valid votes.


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