EU-Presidency: Poll Feb 2014

The EU-wide online twittprognosis-poll in February 2014 for the presidency in Europe shows that most people would favor former Italian prime minister Mario Monti (Independent) as EU-president. 32,0 percent of all Europeans would vote for him. Shortly after the poll was conducted, Monti endorsed ALDE-candidate Verhofstadt.

Martin Schulz (PES-Socialists) is on the second position with 21,7 per cent. His green contestant Ska Keller from Germany gets 14,5 per cent, which is quite a good result for the small green faction. She was elected by a online-primary which was accessable for all European citizens. Alexis Tsipras from Greece (EL-Left) gets 9,3 percent. Jean-Claude Juncker would get 7,1 percent which is quite a poor result for the EPP/Centre-Right. Guy Verhofstadt (ALDE-Liberals) gets 4,0 per cent, while the far-right candidate Niki Tzevela scores the poorest: Just 1,4 percent would vote for him. The poll interviewed 567.951 people across the EU from February 1 to February 28.   

Who would you vote for if there were presidential elections in Europe on the upcoming sunday (March 2014 Poll)?


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