EU-Präsident direkt wählen

Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU/EPP) schlägt vor, den EU-Präsidenten direkt wählen zu lassen. Wir fragen nun erstmals SIE direkt, und erstellen damit erstmals eine Frage zu diesem Thema. Wen würden SIE zum EU-Präsidenten wählen?
Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU / EPP) proposes to elect the EU president directly. We now ask for the first time YOU directly, and create for the first time about this issue. Who would YOU choose for EU President?

Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU / PPE) propose d’élire le président de l’UE directement. Nous demandons maintenant pour la première fois vous directement, et de créer pour la première fois sur cette question. Qui choisiriez-vous pour le président de l’UE?

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3 thoughts on “EU-Präsident direkt wählen

  1. with respect for this great idea. could you present the top 10 “other” free-voted candidates?
    a great enhancement would be to replace the least-favourite candidate with the top free-voted one every 1st.

      • Either we evaluate the poll every month or every second month. It depends on the number of participants. If we have got enough participants at the end of January (so that we have got a meaningful result) we will publish all results. Then we will remove the “least-favourite” candidates and we will introduce the names the candidates that got at least one percent of the votes and make a new poll for February. At the moment there are four candidates who are in this position.
        But to get a meaningful result we need more advertising for our project.
        So thank you for your idea/post and please tout for us 🙂

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